Amend 13.04 Define Academic Freedom in Title 5

Add a Third Whereas

Whereas, Finkin and Post (2009) remind educators that “academic freedom consists of the freedom to pursue the scholarly profession according to the standards of that profession” [1] and professional ethics and responsibilities prohibit educators from weaponizing their right to academic freedom to create educational or work environments hostile to protected classes or diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism work.

Amend 13.04 Define Academic Freedom in Title 5

Add a Third Whereas:

Whereas, Since 1940, the American Association of University Professors, (AAUP) in their Statement of Principles of Academic Freedom and Tenure [1] defined academic freedom, which continues to serve as the current standard definition that most educators refer to for guidance and direction, yet, the context and demographics of higher education have changed significantly over the last 80 years since the AAUP definition was crafted, showing a need for an updated definition of academic freedom;

Honoring Wheeler North with Senator Emeritus Status

Whereas, The bylaws of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges include procedures and criteria for conferring the status of senator emeritus for the purpose of recognizing the meritorious service of a faculty member upon or after retirement, and Wheeler North has satisfied those requirements as a faculty member of the California Community Colleges system whose service has well exceeded the required five years of significant service to the Academic Senate;

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