Counseling Faculty Assigned to other College Programs

Whereas counseling faculty assigned to various student service programs (EOPS, DSP&S, GAIN) are being supervised by program directors, and

Whereas California community college counseling faculty are subject matter experts in their discipline and in the delivery of counseling services to students, and

Whereas the Academic Senate document "Standards of Practice for California Community College Counseling Programs" clearly delineates a reporting relationship to the counseling discipline dean, and

Hiring Abuses

Whereas there have been abuses of hiring procedures under the guise of re-organization and/or business necessity,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to work with the Chancellor's Office and the Board of Governors to change the Title 5 affirmative action regulations in ways to close the loopholes of "business necessity" and "college reorganization," which have been excuses for ignoring the usual affirmative action hiring procedures at some colleges.

Noncredit Matriculation

Whereas the Legislature has appropriated $10 million for noncredit matriculation for 1997-98, and the Chancellor's Office has asked for another$12 million for 1998-99, and

Whereas such appropriations represent the first time that noncredit matriculation has been funded and, indeed, the 1997-98 funding was not based on a proposal by the community college system and thus no plans exist for its expenditure, and

Whereas the Academic Senate has long been committed to matriculation services and quality noncredit programs,

Curriculum Model

Whereas California community colleges must respond to the needs of a changing student body population, and

Whereas because of welfare reform, many students will have increasingly limited time to attend traditionally scheduled and offered classes, and

Whereas the need to develop alternative approaches to the delivery of education is of paramount concern to faculty, and

Whereas alternative educational institutions such as National University, other private institutions, and the virtual university are competing for our students,

Senate Basic Skills Task Force

Whereas the Torres bill (SB 1764/92) asked for the granting of certificates of proficiency in ESL and Basic Skills and the Senate has not taken a clear position regarding such certificates, and

Whereas community colleges are facing many issues regarding basic skills and basic skills instruction including accountability, the need for professional development for faculty teaching basic skills, better articulation with high schools, and a clear understanding of the community college mission regarding basic skills, and

Chancellor's E-mail

Whereas the Chancellor of California Community Colleges regularly communicates pertinent information by way of e-mail distribution to community college presidents, and

Whereas that information is important to constituent groups for the shared governance decision making process, and

Whereas academic senate presidents would benefit by being included on the distribution lists for communications related to shared governance decision making,

Special Projects Advisory and Review Council (SPARC)

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges appreciates the efforts of the Chancellor's Office to improve efficiency in processing grant applications and awards, and

Whereas the Academic Senate recognizes that the creation of the Special Projects Advisory and Review Council (SPARC) with the inclusion of seven Academic Senate Executive Committee members is an attempt to create a collaborative process, and

Whereas the Intersegmental Joint Faculty Projects (IJFP) have historically been reviewed solely by faculty, and

State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology

Whereas the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exists for the purpose of regulating the industry in such areas as public protection, safety standards, and professional ethics, and

Whereas the State Board oversees the licensing of instructors and technicians and establishments for the purpose of quality education and service, and

Whereas Barbering and Cosmetology programs are an important part of vocational education at many community colleges, and

Part-Time Faculty Office Hours

Whereas the Academic Senate has consistently recognized the importance of student access to their instructors, and

Whereas 40% to 60% of all California community college instruction is by part-time instructors who are not compensated for office hours, and

Whereas students of such part-time faculty are not guaranteed access to their instructors outside of the classroom,

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