Academic Senate Website: Curriculum

Whereas many colleges have used the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' curriculum website www.curriculum.cc.ca.us as a valuable resource for developing course outlines and programs, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has supported the curriculum website for access to Title 5, California Education Code, good practices guidelines, as well as to over a thousand course outline models for curriculum development and other purposes,

Academic Credit for Student Governance Participation

Whereas student senate leaders invest many hours representing students in governance structures at all California community colleges, and

Whereas such service is an important educational experience and valuable preparation for citizenship in the wider community, and

Whereas the California Student Association of Community Colleges (CalSACC) supports the establishment of academic credit courses to enhance the student leadership experience, and

Protection of Counseling and Library Faculty in Relation to the 50% Law

Whereas the State Auditor has investigated the application of the 50% law and found that 6 of the 10 surveyed districts were out of compliance, and that the Chancellor's Office has failed to exercise proper oversight of and compliance with the 50% law, and

Whereas only the salaries of instructional faculty, not counseling and library faculty, are included in the calculation of the 50% law, and

Whereas faculty are concerned that additional counselors and librarians, who do not count as classroom instructors, will not be hired,

Business Education Statewide Advisory Committee

Whereas the Business Education Statewide Advisory Committee has successfully provided leadership in curriculum and staff development for California community college business and technical education efforts, and

Whereas the Business Education Statewide Advisory Committee is an important link used to facilitate dialogue between the Chancellor's Office, business community, and business educators in order to provide relevant educational experiences, and

Substitute Resolution -Vocational Education Faculty Leadership Seminars

Whereas the Occupational Education Committee of Academic Senate for California Community Colleges conducted the first Vocational Education Faculty Leadership Seminar in May 1994, funded by a grant from the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act, and

Whereas the Seminar has been co-sponsored by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the Bay Region Consortium since Spring 1995 with over 700 faculty attending (with the Senate's Occupational Education Committee planning the program and Bay Region Consortium taking care of the logistics), and

FW Grading

Whereas the FW grade has the potential to disqualify economically disadvantaged students from financial aid, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has supported an ever increasing access to community colleges, and

Whereas many questions have not been answered on student financial aid concerning the FW grade,

Resolved that the Academic Senate postpone forwarding the FW grade proposal to the Board of Governors until the effect of the FW grade on financial aid is clarified, and

Technology II 2001-2002 Budget Proposal

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has a long established position of supporting technology that will enhance the educational experience of students, and of supporting college funding that makes this a priority, and the current draft of the Technology II Plan contains significant funding for centralized projects that will have little immediate impact on students, and that would extend the capacity and/or role of the Chancellor's Office in the provision of distance education and student services in significant ways, and

Stand-alone Courses for Counseling

Whereas more than 70% of the nation's colleges and universities offer courses especially designed to enhance the academic success of their students, and

Whereas research nationwide supports the value of student success courses in enhancing educational outcomes, and

Whereas current Title 5 Regulation 55002 singles out the counseling discipline for higher scrutiny for its courses,

Title 5 Regulations and Handbook Language Proposed Changes

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has not reviewed stand-alone courses for some time, having delegated that task to local curriculum committees and local governing boards, and

Whereas the local academic senates, administrators, and governing boards have established and maintained curriculum approval processes that have integrity and are designed to ensure that all approved courses meet appropriate Title 5 Requirements and academic standards, including rigor, and

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