Standards and Practices Committee

The Standards & Practices Committee is charged with reviewing, acting on, and monitoring various activities as needed and assigned by the President or the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. The Standards & Practices Committee's activities include, but are not limited to, conducting the Disciplines List revision process; analyzing and reviewing suggested changes in Executive Committee policies, Academic Senate Bylaws, and Rules; administering designated statewide faculty awards presented by the Board of Governors and the Academic Senate; and reviewing and recommending revisions to all processes under its purview as needed. The Standards and Practices Committee also provides professional guidance and technical assistance regarding faculty minimum qualifications and equivalence to the minimum qualifications.

Academic Year Meetings

Fall 2020 Meetings by ConferZoom

Sept 8, 2020 12-1pm; Sept 25, 2020 3:30-5:00pm; Oct 23, 2020 3:30-5:00pm; Nov 20, 2020 3:30-5:00pm

Spring 2021 Meetings ConferZoom

January 29th 3:30-5:00pm

February 26th 3:30-5:00pm

March 26th 3:30-5:00pm

April 30th 3:30-5:00pm


The Standards and Practices Committee is responsible for tasks associated with ASCCC Executive Committee Policies, Diciplines List, and Academic Senate Awards.



Current Agendas/minutes

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Title Session Year Sort ascending Category
Disciplines List—Film and Media Studies Spring 2021 Disciplines List
Disciplines List—Digital Fabrication Technology Spring 2021 Disciplines List
Minimum Qualifications for Campus Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinators Fall 2019 Disciplines List
Revise the Disciplines List Revision Process Spring 2018 Disciplines List
Faculty Internship Minimum Qualifications in Disciplines Not Requiring a Master’s Degree Spring 2017 Disciplines List
Review Experience Definitions for Disciplines Not Requiring a Master’s Degree Spring 2017 Disciplines List
Review Experience Requirements for Disciplines Not Requiring a Master’s Degree Spring 2017 Disciplines List
Equivalency Resources for Local Senates Spring 2017 Disciplines List
Inclusion of Apprenticeship Faculty Minimum Qualifications in the Disciplines List Spring 2017 Disciplines List
Dialog and Collaboration on Apprenticeship Faculty Minimum Qualifications Fall 2017 Disciplines List
Amend Resolution 10.03 F16 Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Amend Resolution 10.03 F16 Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Amend Resolution 10.03 F16 Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Career Technical Education Apprenticeship Programs Fall 2016 Career Technical Education
Explore Changes to Minimum Qualifications Spring 2016 Disciplines List
Feasibility Study to Expand the Hayward Award Spring 2016 General Concerns
Apprenticeship Programs Fall 2016 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Annual Consideration of the Disciplines List Proposals Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Explore Establishing a More Flexible Discipline for Emerging Career and Technical Education Fields Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Posting of Local Equivalency Processes on Websites Fall 2016 Local Senates
Collaborate with System Partners to Relocate Minimum Qualifications from Title 5 to the Disciplines List Fall 2016 Disciplines List
Revise the Academic Senate Bylaws Spring 2015 Academic Senate
Revise the Academic Senate Rules Spring 2015 Academic Senate
Disciplines List – African American Studies Spring 2015 Disciplines List
Disciplines List – Counseling DSPS Spring 2015 Disciplines List


Title Issue Year Sort ascending
Accessibility: The Bridge Between Success and Disability February 2022
The Current Level of Accountability in the ASCCC April 2022
Congratulations to the 2020-2021 ASCCC Award Winners April 2021
Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Support Programs and Services Coordination to Best Serve Students February 2021
Disciplines List Proposals February 2021
Instant Runoff Voting February 2020
Current Disciplines List Revision Proposals February 2020
The Updated ASCCC Rules and How They Apply to Special Elections April 2020
Disciplines List Revision Process February 2019
Meet the 2019 Hayward Award Recipients April 2019
Measuring the Second Minimum Qualification: Considerations for Exceeding Mere Compliance October 2019
Untangling the Knots —Minimum Qualifications, Faculty Service Areas, Placing Courses within Disciplines and Other Fun Stuff February 2018
Busting Equivalency Myths: An Equivalencies Chair’s Perspective February 2018
Minimum Qualifications for Apprenticeship Instructors: On the Road to a New Relationship Between the Academic Senate and the Apprenticeship Community April 2018
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now! April 2018
Recognizing Faculty with Statewide Awards October 2018
The Disciplines List Revision Process is Now Annual and Starts Now February 2017
Recognizing the Excellence of Our Colleagues through Statewide and Local Awards September 2017
Equivalency to the Minimum Qualifications October 2016
The 2015 Equivalency Practices Survey February 2016
Workforce Task Force Recommendations: Minimum Qualifications and Faculty Preparation March 2016
Who Gets to Teach That Course? The Importance of Assigning Courses to Disciplines September 2016
Ensuring the Recognition of Outstanding Work May 2015
Faculty Recognition: Acknowledging Your Own Faculty Is Part of Professional Development September 2015
It’s Time to Submit Disciplines List Revisions September 2014


Past members

Past Members
Term: 2021-22
Member Term Sort ascending
Travis Ritt 2021-22
Ed Bird Song 2021-22
Miryan Nogueira 2021-22
LaTonya Parker 2021-22 Chair
Karla Kirk 2021-22
Eric Narveson 2021-22
Term: 2020-21
Member Term Sort ascending
Julie Oliver 2020-21 Chair
Cheryl Aschenbach 2020-21
Angela Echeverri 2020-21
Eric Thompson 2020-21
Eric Narveson 2020-21
Chantal Lamourelle 2020-21
Sharon Sampson 2020-21

Past Agenda/minutes