Faculty Development

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Faculty Leadership Development Committee
Faculty Development
Status Report

Deemed not feasible by the senate exec fall 2005.

Whereas faculty development money may come from a variety of sources, not only from funds specifically designated for staff development, but also from staff diversity funds, TTIP funds, vocational funds, and other sources, but often local senates are not apprised of these funding sources, and

Whereas a survey of a small but probably representative sample revealed that none of the local senate presidents surveyed knew the amount of staff diversity funds given to their college nor how the money was spent and by whom, and

Whereas faculty development is one of the eleven areas in which local senates are responsible, and

Whereas amounts allocated to each college for a variety of staff development uses are public information that should be easily accessible in electronic form,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to provide an electronic data base/grid giving the source of all staff development funds allocated to each district, including, but not limited to, Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program (TTIP), staff diversity, vocational, Partnership for Excellence, and other allocations with a staff/faculty development component, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with the Chancellor's Office to make the data base/grid of staff development monies from a variety of sources available to local senates within 30 days of the finalization of the state budget.