Faculty Professional Development College Program

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Faculty Leadership Development Committee
Professional Standards
Status Report

PDC successfully created and first module nearly concluded.  Deemed complete.

Whereas, The Student Success Task Force (SSTF) final report notes that “Ongoing professional development is a fundamental component of supporting the systemic change that will improve student success” and recommends a “continuum of strategic professional development”;

Whereas, The Chancellor’s Office Professional Development Committee acknowledges the ever present need for professional development and is in the process of developing a vision statement regarding this issue, and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges is the entity charged with addressing academic and professional matters, including faculty professional development (Title 5 §53200);

Whereas, In the current educational and economic climate, all faculty must be informed about, and able to navigate the intricacies of academic and professional matters, and Title 5 §53200 clearly indicates some of the areas in which faculty have expertise, but which may require ongoing faculty professional development; and

Whereas, A professional development program would provide a vehicle not only for providing, documenting, and substantiating faculty awareness and participation in academic and professional matters but also for supporting lifelong learning and academic achievement of faculty;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges design and implement a faculty Professional Development College Program that provides continuing education units for training related to the legislated purview of faculty in California community colleges to supplement local professional development offerings, including but not limited to training in research-based principles of effective instruction, and that supports the Student Success Task Force professional development recommendations and the work of the Chancellor’s Office Professional Development Committee, and promotes participatory governance in our colleges.