Hiring Culturally Aware Faculty

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Faculty Leadership Development Committee
Faculty Development
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This has been approved by the Executive Committee. Faculty to develop the course needs to be identified. Work to begin this spring. 2017 - 18: A workgroup of EDAC are working on a module for PDC. This should be completed by August 17.

2019-2020--completed Faculty Hiring Guiding Principles and Model Processes Canvas shell

Whereas, The governor has provided $62.3 million for faculty hiring in California community colleges, which may result in more than 1,100[1] faculty hires for the 2016-2017 year;

Whereas, Hiring faculty who understand the needs and experiences of a diverse student body will positively impact student success throughout the community college system; and

Whereas, Local academic senates would benefit from reviewing and revising as necessary their current hiring processes to ensure that these processes are conducive to hiring faculty with the ability to address the needs of a diverse student body; 

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community College expand its Professional Development College to include a module for training members of local faculty hiring committees in order to promote the hiring of faculty who understand, have experience with, and can address the behavioral, cognitive, and emotional learning needs of diverse students. 


[1] As reported by Chancellor’s Office staff during a general session presentation at the 2015 Fall Plenary Session.