2011 Spring Plenary Session

Event Dates

The Spring 2011 Plenary Session took place April 14-16, 2011 at the San Francisco Airport Westin.

Presentation Materials

Title Breakout Time
Budget Process and Senate Authority: Where Are We Now
Outside Reports About the California Community Colleges: Should We Give Them Something to Talk About?
Local Senate Nuts and Bolts
Hot Topics in Distance Education
Accelerating Basic Skills Instruction
Shifting the Delivery of Basic Skills instruction: Acceleration, Contextualization, and Other Proposed Approaches
Rethinking Financial Aid
Recreating “Recreational” Programs
General Session on Accreditation
Judith Eaton Keynote Presentation
Missions: Impossible?
Using ASSiST to Research existing and Potential Course Articulation
MQs, Apportionment and Grading Authority: Supplemental Learning - Are We Confused Yet?
Follow-up without Judith Eaton
Current Movement Regarding Assessment for Placement
Campus Climate: Making Campuses Safe for Students
Tensions and Challenges of Being Senate President
Promoting Student Success: Focusing on the Classroom
Surviving the Shift: Participatory Governance in Times of Crisis
General Session - Taking Student Success Seiously
It Happens in Sacramento: State Budget, Legislation and Advocacy
The Student Success Task Force (SB 1143)
State Level Basic Skills Efforts and Trends
Senate Recruitment and Retention
Program Viability and Discontinuance
"OR, the equivalent." - Minimum Qualifications, Equivalencies and FSA's
Shifting our Roles: How Classroom Faculty Can Supplement Counseling Services
Models for Creating a Supportive Part-time Work Environment
What's Changed in Title 5
State of the Senate