Small or Rural College Caucus

Academic Year Meetings


Small or Rural College Caucus Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this caucus is to discuss and promote awareness of the academic and professional matters unique to the faculty and students of small or rural colleges within the California Community College system. There are many issues and challenges that these colleges face which are different from the larger or more urban colleges, such as economy of size, smaller part-time pools due to large travel distances, and serving rural community needs. As a caucus, we intend to be very active and represent the concerns, issues, and needs of the small or rural colleges. For more information about the Small or Rural college caucus, please contact the chair below.


Jason Edington, Mendocino College, Chair
Conan Mckay, Mendocino College, Secretary
Alfie Swan, Citrus College
Bea Lawn, Gavilan College
Cheryl Stewart, Coastline Community College
Chris Gold, El Camino College
Chris Jeffries, El Camino College
Corinna Evett, Santiago Canyon College
David Norton, Cooper Mountain College
Gina Hogan, Citrus College
Gloria Arevalo, Ventura College
Greg Kemble, Yuba College
Jan Moline, Cerro Coso College
James Thompson, Porterville College
Kurt Sterling, West Hills College, Lemoore
Laura Vasquez, Cerro Coso Community College
Lisa Soccio, College of the Desert
Lore Dobusch, Reedley College
Lyn Greene, Norco College
Maria Biddenback, Napa Valley College
Marie Boyd, Chaffey College
Mary Rees, Ventura College
Matt Clark, Woodland Community College
Michael Heumann, Imperial Valley College
Michael Wyly, Solano Community College
Nancy Golz, Merced College
Paola Gilbert, Monterey Peninsula College
R Chris Wells, El Camino College
Reid Edelman, Mendocino College
Rich Johnston, Barstow Community College
Robb Lightfoot, Shasta College
Ted Hamilton, Columbia College
Tony Thompson, Taft College

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