2010 Fall Plenary Session

Event Dates

2010 Fall Plenary took place November 11-13, 2010 at the Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort.

Presentation Materials

Title Breakout Time
What Would the LAO Say?
Nuts and Bolts
So You Want to Form a Caucus
Excess Units: What are the Issues?
Hot Topics and Links...
Implementing Rigorous Content Review for Prerequisites
Hot Topics in Accreditation
State of the Senate
Today’s College Student: A National Perspective
Panel Discussion: Senate Bill 1440, “Transfer Degrees,” and Your Curriculum
Our Students Today: Access, Equity and Challenges
SLO + Assessment: Guiding Principles, Roles, and Processes
Title 5: What’s Changed and What Needs to Change?
Embracing the Future Requires Your Agenda be Posted in a Timely Manner
The Future of the California Community Colleges — Incentivizing Student Success
CCCAssess Update
Accelerated and Embedded Basic Skills
Assisting Students to Graduate Through External Examinations (IB and CLEP)
Hot Topics from SACC
The Future of our Colleges: Student Success
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Senate-Union Relations
Minimum Qualifications and Equivalencies Training
SMART Tool: Data Accessibility Made Easier
The Effects of Budget Cuts on Basic Skills
How Articulation Can Help You: Tools and Definitions
Reordering Responsibilities in Higher Education: A New Compact for America